The giclee prints that you see here are all faithful copies of the original paintings. They are printed on archival fibre-based art paper, using the best quality highly saturated inks. They are printed without borders and as near as possible are an exact rendition of the original painting. They are also flush mounted onto 5mm foam board which makes them ideal for framing, or simply attaching to a surface as they are. The size and price of each print is indicated beneath each image in the GICLEE PRINTS GALLERY


The photographs are printed on high quality photographic C-type paper, and flush mounted onto 5mm foam board. There is one price for all the photographs which is indicated beneath each image in the PHOTOGRAPHS GALLERY. The overall size of each is 20X16 ins, with the image itself being inset at approx 11X15 ins, with a very narrow white border around, and a wider black surround to each, which makes them ideal for framing as they are without the need for an inset card aperture.


The original paintings on the site are all for sale, with the individual prices shown beneath each image.

I do not sell the paintings directly online, instead arranging a physical viewing for anyone interested in a particular piece. This principle is based on my own appreciation of art, and what I myself would do if I wanted to buy a painting. I would never buy a painting if I hadn't first seen it. Buying a painting is a very personal experience, and in my opinion to buy one having only first seen a small digital image would be a leap in the dark I wouldn't want to take. A painting speaks to the viewer in many ways, and one of these ways is its size. My paintings are quite large, and have a definite physical presence, and without wanting to sound pretentious, they have a voice, and there is no way that voice can be heard without actually sitting or standing in front of them. So If you are seriously interested in one of them you are very welcome to contact me and we will arrange a viewing.
I live on a boat on a canal in Thorne, South Yorkshire. I am very well served for motorways, and in fact live only a few miles from the M180, which itself is easily reached from just about all the major routes in the UK. If you should come and view a painting, and subsequently decide to buy it, it will be well wrapped for you to get it safely home.
Just to stress the point, I do not send paintings via mail or courier. For me, it is simply not a good idea. With due respect to the various couriers who do a very good job, in my opinion a stretched canvas is simply far too vulnerable to send on such a potentially dangerous journey. However well packaged, all it needs is a careless foot or elbow, or juxtaposition to a sharp corner, and the painting is badly damaged, very likely beyond all repair.

All the paintings are on stretched canvas and are varnished with a gloss finish, which serves both to protect the pigment and to saturate and enhance the colours. I have experimented with both matte and semi-matte finishes and have found that with both of these the colour and contrast of the painting are compromised, and have also found that with gloss, any reflections on the varnish can usually be made unobtrusive by considered placing of the canvas. The paintings are all on stretched canvas and each canvas comes with wooden keys or wedges for tightening. Also each canvas comes ready to hang, with D rings and strong cord, which will be fitted before you take the painting away, or not if you prefer to attach these yourself, or if you wish to have the canvas framed.

That's about it. If you have read this far, all that remains is for me to thank you for taking the time, and to say that I hope you like the work on this website. The website is changing all the time, albeit slowly, as I sell paintings and add new ones, so please re-visit from time to time. One final note: You will not find dozens of paintings on the site. This reflects the way I work. Each painting you see on this website has taken between six to ten weeks to paint, and therefore my output is by no means prolific. However, I am always painting and there are usually one or two paintings in various stages of completion due to be varnished.
Thank you again